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Crane Hand Signals

Basic hand signals used in crane operation are illustrated here.


HOIST. With forearm vertical, and forefinger pointing up, move hand in small horizontal circle.


LOWER. With arm extended downward, forefinger pointing down, move hand in a small horizontal circle.

Bridge Travel

BRIDGE TRAVEL. Arm extended forward, hand open and slightly raised, make pushing motion in direction of travel.

Trolley Travel

TROLLEY TRAVEL. Palm up, fingers closed, thumb pointing in direction of motion, jerk hand horizontally.


STOP. Arm extended, palm down, hold position rigidly.

Emergency Stop

EMERGENCY STOP.   Arm extended, palm down, move hand rapidly right and left.


Multiple Trolleys

MULTIPLE TROLLEYS. Hold up one finger for block marked "1" and two fingers for block marked "2".  Regular signals follow.

Move Slowly

MOVE SLOWLY. Use one hand to give any motion signal and place other hand motionless in front of hand giving the motion signal.  (Hoist slowly shown as example)

Magnet is Disconnected

MAGNET IS DISCONNECTED.  Crane operator spreads both hands apart -- palms up.


Information courtesy of the Crane Manufacturers' Association of America



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